AGE: 24, 27
GEAR: Rugby kit, socks, cleats
SCENE: These two rugby boys Josh and Kyle are some dirty flip fuckers. They get nearly naked and fuck and suck each other off and then Kyle gets his butt fucked by Josh. When he's almost ready to cum buckets, Josh pulls out and goes face down ass up for his rugger buddy.

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AGE: 26, 22
GEAR: helmet, jersey, scrubs
SCENE: Pool's a game that takes lots of balls. This game however, takes lots of cock or should I say that Poco does. He starts off playing a friendly game of pool but it soon turns into a high stakes game with the loser getting fucked. Too bad Spike doesn't know that for poco that makes him the winner!

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AGE: 21, 23
GEAR: glove, firegear, helmet
SCENE: Pole smoking starts this video out, Skip is all over Colin the fire fighter's piece before the director even shouts action. Dressed up in baseball gear Skippy starts by sucking the fire brigade captain's slab of man meat. When Colin flips him over onto a bench to fuck him...

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AGE: 21, 22
GEAR: football helmet, jersey, weights
SCENE: Leo is practicing lifting weights in his Mum and Dad's basement - The first sheen of sweat starts to break when he starts to feel a little horny. Josh has been watching and now's the time to spring into action...

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AGE: 21, 22
GEAR: overalls, hard hat, painter's uniform
SCENE: Liam is working up a sweat when he discovers the Reese playing with himself while he works his roller. Guess painting's a one-arm job, but Reese's cock is gonna take at least two hands and a good pounding to get it done right!

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