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Sabbath is a horny college boy from Colorado. When he comes home for winter break, he has one thing on his mind: find what army gear his brother has left behind in the apartment. Sabbath loves trying on his brother's military gear and jerking off while wearing it. His brother, a rough and tough staff sergeant, works in a squad in Arizona, and his parents are away visiting the base.

Fortunately for Sabbath, he has the apartment to himself, and his brother always leaves something behind: military fatigues, dog tags, sweat-filled helmets, stinky boots, old socks... you name it, and Sabbath loves to stroke his dick while wearing it.

This lazy Saturday afternoon, Sabbath is jerking off thinking about fucking a hot army lieutenant when his apartment's fire alarm goes off. Sabbath evacuates in his army shirt, holding his helmet. The fire engine lets off a roar as it pulls up to Sabbath's building and the men unload into the boiler room to check out the situation. The fire chief shuts off the alarm and declares the building safe--just a small glitch in the system--and orders his men back in the truck. Mike, the new guy in the squad, is asked to stay behind to double-check the alarm system. But Mike's mind is consumed by one thing: the adorable blond boy returning to his room... the kid in the army shirt with a hefty bulge in his jeans.

Mike follows the army dude up four flights of stairs to his empty apartment, where he demands entry "to make sure no fuses have been blown." But Sabbath can't control himself at the sight of the smooth fireman in his shiny, thick suit. He drops his pants and grabs his throbbing prick, begging for the fireman to do the same. Sabbath unzips the fireman's jacket, kisses down his smooth abs, and wraps his mouth around his hard shlong. After a long, thorough blowjob, the fireman shouts: "Fuck me already! Fuck me til I spray my hose all down your body!"

Fireman Mike can barely keep his hose in his hands as Sabbath pounds his tight asshole. Mike sweats beads over his arms and back as his rubbery jacket constrains his hot body. Hypnotized by the fireman's shaking helmet, Sabbath pulls out and sprays a hot stream of jizz all over the fireman's face and uniform. Moments later, the fireman delivers what he promises: a full hose-down after a fiery fuckfest!

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