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When Lance gets stuck repairing a broken crankshaft, he immediately calls his friend Chad for help. Chad heads over... not realizing that the car's steel shaft isn't the only thing that's going to get lubed up today. Lance's garage is steaming hot, and no amount of coolant is going to keep these rough men from burning up. When Chad and Lance buttoned up their mechanic uniforms this morning, they didn't know they'd be unbuttoning them so soon after...

Once their oil-stained shirts come off, Lance's hands are immediately drawn to his friend's shiny black shorts, which are tightly pinned against his loose boxer shorts. As Lance gets harder, he drops to his knees and starts sucking off Chad's piston. Chad pushes him back onto the car hood, lubes up Lance's cock with his wet tongue, and asks him: "Hey man... you need a car-jack?"

Lance's ignition is fully warmed up, and all he wants is to ram his throbbing cock into his buddy. Chad's ass is tight, but he can still take Lance's thick cock as he rides it up and down like an engine. The smell of oil is pungent, and Lance and Chad get harder just breathing in the smell. When these men get close to climaxing, there's only one place for them to do it: the car's oil pan! Batteries recharged... and back to work!

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